book1 W1S1 [buk] n
1¦(printed pages)¦
2¦(to write in)¦
3¦(set of things)¦
4 books
5 by the book
6 a closed book
7 be in somebody's good/bad books
9¦(part of a book)¦
10 in my book
11 bring somebody to book
[: Old English; Origin: boc]
a set of printed pages that are held together in a cover so that you can read them
I've just started reading a book by Graham Greene.
a cookery book
a special exhibition of children's books
book about/on
a book about cats
a cheap paperback book
I can't afford to buy hardback books.
2.) ¦(TO WRITE IN)¦
a set of sheets of paper held together in a cover so that you can write on them
a black address book
a notebook
a set of things such as stamps, matches, or tickets, held together inside a paper cover
a cheque book
4.) books [plural] a) ¦(ACCOUNTS)¦
written records of the financial accounts of a business
An accountant will examine the company's books.
a small firm that is having problems balancing the books (=keeping its profits and spending equal)
on the books
They have £50 billion worth of orders on the books.
cook the books atcook1 (3)
b) ¦(JOBS)¦
the names of people who use a company's services, or who are sent by a company to work for other people
on sb's books
an agent with a lot of popular actors on his books
5.) by the book
exactly according to rules or instructions
She feels she has to go by the book and can't use her creativity.
do/play sth by the book
The police were careful to do everything by the book.
6.) a closed book
a subject that you do not understand or know anything about
Chemistry is a closed book to me.
7.) be in sb's good/bad books informal
used to say that someone is pleased or annoyed with you
8.) ¦(LAW)¦
be on the books
if a law is on the books, it is part of the set of laws in a country, town, area etc
9.) ¦(PART OF A BOOK)¦
one of the parts that a very large book such as the Bible is divided into
book of
the Book of Isaiah
10.) in my book
spoken said when giving your opinion
In my book, nothing is more important than football.
11.) bring sb to book
to punish someone for breaking laws or rules, especially when you have been trying to punish them for a long time
War criminals must be brought to book.
→↑statute book,take a leaf out of sb's book atleaf1 (2), read sb like a book atread1 (16), suit sb's book atsuit2 (5), a turn-up for the book atturn-up, throw the book at sb atthrow1 (26)
a book about imaginary events: novel, thriller, mystery, horror story, love story, detective story, whodunit
books about imaginary events in general: fiction, science fiction, romantic fiction, crime fiction, chick lit (informal)
famous or important novels, poems etc : literature
books about real events: non-fiction
a book that gives information: reference book, encyclopedia, textbook
a book about someone's life: biography, autobiography, journal, diary
someone who writes books: writer, author, novelist
a book with a hard cover: hardback (BrE) hardcover (AmE)
a book with a cover made of paper or card: paperback
book 2
book2 S2 v
1.) [I and T]
to make arrangements to stay in a place, eat in a restaurant, go to a theatre etc at a particular time in the future
Have you booked a holiday this year?
You need to book well in advance for Christmas.
The flight was already fully booked (=no more seats were available) .
To get tickets, you have to book in advance .
The show's booked solid (=all the tickets have been sold) until February.
2.) [T]
to arrange for someone such as a singer to perform on a particular date
The band was booked for a benefit show in Los Angeles.
3.) be booked up
a) if a hotel, restaurant etc is booked up, there are no more rooms, places, seats etc still available
The courses quickly get booked up.
b) if someone is booked up, they are extremely busy and have arranged a lot of things they must do
I'm all booked up this week - can we get together next Friday?
4.) [T]
to arrange for someone to go to a hotel, fly on a plane etc
I've booked you a flight on Saturday.
book sb on/in etc
I'll book you in at the Hilton.
5.) [T]
to put someone's name officially in police records, along with the charge made against them
Smith was booked on suspicion of attempted murder.
6.) [T] BrE
when a ↑referee in a sports game books a player who has broken the rules, he or she officially writes down the player's name in a book as a punishment
book in phr v
BrE to arrive at a hotel and say who you are etc
= ↑check in
Several tourists were booking in.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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, / (of a written work),

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